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Hello Friends… Hope you’re well. I wanted to reach out and ask a favor (if you’re interested).

** HEADS UP** This post is long, but if you’re a business owner or entrepreneur you’ll want to take 85 seconds and just check it out.

As many of you may know, my digital marketing agency (www.LocalMarketingU.com) specializes in helping local and small businesses effectively use the web to attract more new customers, gain more exposure, and grow their business. Realizing just how impactful online video is to helping increase brand awareness and generate more sales, we have launched a new video production service to create professional and powerful 3-D VIDEO INTROS / OUTROS / LOGO STINGERS and more quickly and affordably.

You can use these “3-D bumper clips” at the beginning of your video to introduce your brand, in the middle or end of your videos with your “CALL TO ACTION” and much more. This enables your brand to “stick” with the viewer and separates you from your competition. And most importantly you will see increased leads and sales as a result of it.


Our design and production team has completed over 50 different video stinger designs that you can choose from in our online library. You simply provide us with a few details and within 24-48 hours my team will send you a custom HD Quality (1920×1080) version of your 3-D Video Stinger complete with appropriate sound effects & audio track.

We are publicly launching our online 3-D Video Stinger production service next month and would like to have several real-world testimonials we can refer to and use in our launch campaign and marketing efforts. Video Stingers will cost $99 each to produce.


If you have a business and would like to have your own professional 3-D Video Intro / Outro / Call-to-Action / Social Media / Video Stinger for your company, business, or brand… then I’d like to extend this to you:

If you purchase 1 video stinger from our online library for $99, I will GIVE you 2 more video stingers of your choice FREE!

That’s nearly $300 worth of custom and professional video branding for your company for just $99.


You have to provide me with an AUDIO and or VIDEO testimonial that includes the following: (a) your name, location, and your business; (b) your experience using our online video design system; (c) what you’re using or going to use your video stingers for; (d) any other helpful and encouraging comments you would like to share with us.

You will have to give us permission to use your comments in our marketing and press efforts and I will provide you with a link to easily and quickly provide your feedback using our online review and testimonial system (more on that later).


Since our design system is NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC yet, I want to make sure we can “stress test” the platform and it handles properly.

  • I am only taking the 1st 50 requests
  • I am closing this offer on or before 10/31/15
  • You must have a legal / ethical business
  • You must use our online design system to place your order here: http://localmarketingu.com/vidsting-prelaunch


  1. Browse our online library of Video Stingers.
  2. Select (one) 1 you like
  3. Purchase it online for just $99
  4. Provide a few details for our design team
  5. Get 2 more video production designs FREE!
  6. SAVE nearly $200
  7. Share your feedback and provide a testimonial
  8. Sit back and relax and in 24-48 hours, you new custom HD quality video stingers will be sent to you via email.

Here’s the link to get stared:

If you have any questions, you can ask them here or you can send me a PM and I’ll be happy to answer and help where I can.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Looking forward to working with you and having an exciting launch… Hope you’ll be a part of it.

Thank you very much!,

~Marc Gamble
Chief Marketing Guru

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